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Traditional SIEM solutions a have been deployed to collect and analyze millions of network events and to address internal and external compliance pressures. However, unintelligent first generation SIEM technologies are becoming increasingly insufficient due to limitations in scalability, visibility, and their ability to provide forensic data.

HAWK’s next generation SIEM technology provides Total Security Intelligence delivering relevant, actionable data so that you can monitor, prioritize, and manage the impact and extent of a threat. HAWK goes beyond simply seeing the threat allowing you to protect your network and improve your threat management and response capabilities.

Products for Total Security

The unique, patented HAWK platform provides Total Security Intelligence allowing organizations of any size to seemlessly scale their security intelligence infrastructure. Whether you’re a cloud provider, managed services provider, or an international corporation, all HAWK solutions are backed by the power, flexibility, and expertise of the architecture behind its enterprise platform.

Using an advanced proprietary scoring system, HAWK integrates and correlates information from all devices and applications on a network, learning heuristically, and narrows results to events worthy of further investigation. You can then investigate these events, analyze security trends, and view reports data through a single, comprehensive user interface.
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Organizations face new challenges daily expanding to applications, databases, networks, and systems across the enterprise. Security experts are required to scale their solutions while analyzing and correlating data from security and non-security applications. The real challenge, however, lies in managing the sheer amount of data while being more cost-effective than ever before. HAWK offers a comprehensive set of solutions and services to tackle the increasing demands of today’s ever-changing security and regulatory environments while lowering total cost of ownership.

Maximize your HAWK implementation by leveraging HAWK’s unparalleled security expertise. We have designed, built, and managed security operations centers and enterprise-wide compliance and policy solutions across government agencies and commercial organizations. From code auditing to managed services, your organization's most critical information-based assets will be protected by experienced security experts who can perform comprehensive security assessments, design customized information security compliance solutions and manage risk across the enterprise.
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