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"Multi-tenant application platforms represent the state-of-the-art for cloud-based business applications"

Yefim Natis, VP, Distinguished Analyst – Cloud Based Security Analytics As A Service is a multi-tenant cloud-based big data security analytics platform. uses rich analytics and artificial intelligence in real-time on all of your IT machine data to accurately detect, validate, and prioritize only relevant security incidents. SecOPs personnel are notified with information about incidents.
Details included are:

  • Timeline of attack chain
  • Interactions and lateral movements of users, systems and applications
  • Disclosure of why it qualified as an incident
  • Raw event data for forensic investigation

Solution replaces existing on-premise SIEM by providing rich BDSA as a cloud-based service featuring:

  • Rapid, assisted onboarding of user, application, and asset log/machine data
  • No-touch software updates
  • Support for mixed cloud-based and on-premise-based data sources
  • High availability – 99.9% guaranteed
  • Easy to use web-based portal into all of the collected data, along with real-time alerting, and incident management when analytics detect an incident
  • Concierge service provides off-hours notification/escalation about detected incidents that require attention
  • Customizable dashboards


Easy to Use

  • Stand up a SOC that leverages advanced security analytics and reporting quickly in days not weeks/months
  • Analytics that covers all users, applications, and assets
  • Receive only accurate security incidents instead of a flood of alerts
  • Simple, effective Incident Workflow Management

Low Cost

  • Simple consumption based pricing model allows for flexibility and affordability as IT environments change over time
  • Attractive to companies with security monitoring/reporting requirements but with smaller budgets for IT/security staffing and software/hardware expenditures

High Value

  • Delivers accurate, actionable security incidents
  • Reporting that is highly configurable and high performance
  • Effective analytics can automate Level 1 SOC operations, eliminating the need for additional FTEs, therefore enabling Level 2 security analysts to be more effective
  • Rapid time-to-efficiency